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28th Jul 2021

Lives Radio Show & Podcast – Jody Wood

Jody Wood is a New York-based artist using video, installation, performance, and community organization to engage with socially informed content. Jody is intrigued by interpersonal relationships – how they form, how they dissolve, and their delicate underpinnings. She approaches her artwork as an opportunity to explore this fascination and consequently has moved increasingly toward working directly with members of the public. In our conversation, we talk about her social practice art projects and about social issues of identity, behavior, and human connection and dignity, and how they are shaped by institutionally oppressive systems and social stigma.

Her project Beauty in Transition partnered with 18 transitional housing agencies in New York, Colorado, and Pennsylvania to establish a hair salon on wheels serving homeless populations. Elements of this project currently form part of the exhibition “All Together, Amongst Many: Reflections on Empathy” at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art. Choreographing Care, a project supporting care workers in anti-poverty support, started as a socially engaged art project and was adopted into an emergency shelter in Charlotte, North Carolina as an organizational initiative.

In 2014, she was the winner of a prestigious fellowship award for socially engaged art from A Blade of Grass in NYC. Her work has been honored with grant support from the New York Council for the Humanities, Brooklyn Arts Council, and the Rema Hort Mann Foundation. Her work has been exhibited internationally and featured in press such as The Atlantic, Hyperallergic, and MSNBC.

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Lives Radio Show & Podcast with Stuart Chittenden
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Fresh voices and diverse perspectives on culture, community, business, and more brought to you in this weekly conversation hosted by Stuart Chittenden, founder of the conversation consultancy Squishtalks and co-founder of the creativity and design thinking consultancy Gilbert+Chittenden. From the Midwest and beyond, fascinating guests share compelling stories spanning the fields of politics, business, media, community activism, arts and humanities, philanthropy, and more. On air since January 2017, Lives Radio Show & Podcast initially broadcast on the community radio station Mind & Soul 101.3FM in north Omaha, housed at the Malcolm X Center, and more recently broadcasts with 1st Sky Omaha.

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stuart chittenden

Born in sight of England’s Canterbury Cathedral, I’ve called the American Midwest home since 2004. Formerly a London lawyer and an Omaha brand consultant, since 2016 I have dedicated 100% of my time and efforts to Squishtalks, a conversation catalyst I started in 2010. Squishtalks has collaborated with numerous community groups and businesses.

Believing in conversation’s power to connect, in 2015 I undertook the community project “a couple of 830 mile long conversations,” adventuring in an RV for four weeks along side roads and among small towns to talk with Nebraskans, discovering the lives, cultures and stories of people I met. Currently I am engaged in “Stories from the Redline” in collaboration with The Union for Contemporary Art’s exhibition exploring the pernicious human impact of redline housing policies.

In addition, I cofounded the creativity agency Gilbert+Chittenden in 2017, collaborating with creativity expert Dan Gilbert using design thinking to help individuals and organizations creatively realize their best futures.

I hope you'll join me in listening to the compelling stories from my fascinating guests on Lives Radio Show & Podcast.